Monday, March 15, 2010


Hey guys.

I'm here to officially let you know that i have shifted back to my old blog. The address it below. Please continue to follow me on my boring journeys! :D

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To find out why i even moved, please go see my latest post! :D In addition, if you have blogs of your own, please take some time to relink me!

Thank you, and xx!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello Crazy People.

The weekends are here, and projects are starting. So, i do NOT wish to waste my time on blogging a long post. HAHA.

i'm gonna say this: short and sweet.

and i will create a new link somewhere outright visible for you soon!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Russian Roulette.

Hello Humans.

its been an AWFUL long time since i have last updated my blog. Its honestly, really dead right now. But its alright... Let's do a short update. School has started. Like i lead this really fantastic life of waking up early in the morning to go to school and listen to my capable lecturers lecture us for 2 hours per session. Oh, did i mention that there already are tutorials and projects? Yeah, i love this life i'm living right now! IT BEATS EVERYTHING BECAUSE ITS SO FUN RIGHT?! :D

okay, if you ever believe that, you should just fuck off and die luh, really. lol. Now, let me get back to my obsessions of my favourite singers... like RIGHT NOW!

Beyonce is releasing 2 interesting albums. The first? The one below.

This album is a live album of her performance of the "I Am... Tour" at Wynn Las Vegas. Also titled as "I Am... Yours", it is an up-close and personal performance with only 1,500 people having been part of the audience. In addition, she sang many of her songs acoustically. I think the cover is spectacular!

I haven't got the album yet, but i will the next time i happen to chance upon a GOOD CD SHOP! :D

Yes, the second is her re-release of her "I Am... Sasha Fierce" album, also now known as the "I Am... Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition". You might recall the picture above in black & white. That was the International Platinum Album. But this features another song titled "Poison", SO PLEASE DO GET IT! :D i definitely will!

OKAY, enough about Beyonce. Lets start on Leona Lewis! :D She has been doing a few more performances of her single "Happy" that isn't actually doing that very well on the charts yet... So anyways, here is a live performance which is ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS! :D

Okay! Hope you enjoyed that.

I will not touch much on the topic of Ris Low and any of her terminology like her infamous "boomz" and now surfacing "shingz".. Because i honestly think she's such a disgrace to Singapore and Singaporeans. BUT I HONESTLY think there is a large percentage of Singaporeans who speak like she does anyway. Not forgetting that percentage, and another few more who carry themselves as falsely-poised as she does. YOU DON'T NEED TO ENUNCIATE SO DISGUSTINGLY, PELASE.... SO I BEG YOU, don't judge her if you happen to be (in any way of speech or poise) like her. Its a classic case of a pot calling a kettle black.

Don't know what that means? GOOGLE IT, and learn.

If you haven't heard, Rihanna has released a new single for almost more than a week. So please do youtube it if you haven't heard it! Her single "Russian Roulette", which is off her forthcoming album "Rated R" (out on November 23rd), is a down-tempo song which hides a powerful story to which DOES NOT IN ANY WAY ENCOURAGE YOUTHS TO COMMIT SUICIDE WHAT-SO-EVER! STUPID TIFFANY EVANS! ARE YOU FUCKING DUMB?! so, yeah. Its basically about a game of chance, which she took, and now its her turn to "pull the trigger".

If you wana know more, do find out how Russian Roulette is played. Wait, you guys know what Russian Roulette is right? Remember LADY GAGA mentioning it in her song POKER FACE????

I think thats the end of my update, i'm gonna go mess my life up some more.