Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gone Forever.

loathsome i might be
detestful so am i
disliked, just as much
piksome, all the more
should i jsut vanish
for your sake?

i found that on my old blog. i felt that it was so not me. what made me write that? hmmmm. i dont know what it is with me and sad sad emo titles of posts. like today's. when clearly, i'm not really depressed or anything. but still, the need for a good title is important. i dont know how so. dont ask. rhetoric, as usual. lol.

i was and still am very very interested in knowing how Nuffnang actually lets people earn money? like you know all those "i serve nuffnang" and all signs. hmmm. i dont know how it works. but you know, i dont really wana know. i dont see how people should make a living out of blogging. not unless you're perez hilton or trent. yeah. we're Asians. face the fact. we cant be Eurasians.

this week really sucks. i just had my ITB presentation. awfully awful. sorry. it was. lol. and there's gonna be a POA quiz on friday. and assessment for business communication (20%) on thursday on..? EMAILS. wtf right. eurgh. and there's CATS presentation on friday. AND there's the proposal to submit by sunday. yikes. i should die. really. i hate school already.

my maid's going back to Philippines soon! for holiday. ha. i'm gonna survive lar. somehow. lol. and i cant wait till after common tests. i dont know. just wana get it over and done with. just cant stand it. technically, i havent even started studying like crazy yet, but still. haha. garhs. lol. anyways. i dont know what to blog about and i'm running out of words.

oh. before i leave. i saw Fanny's personal nickname today. i felt it was so true. it was something like this: "No matter how attractive a person, if you dont like them, they can get uglier by the day." sounds really true. way to go fanny! (:


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